Built 4 Speed Event #1 – Sunday January 8th

Canmore Nordic Ski Club present Built 4 Speed Event #1 – Sunday January 8th, 2017

Canmore Nordic Centre

Kings Court sprint event – Freestyle 600m loop

Technique – Freestyle

Event information:  The Kings Court format involves each competitor completing an individual timed lap of the race course. Based on their time, skiers are ranked then seeded into heat brackets of 4 – 6 racers who are of similar speeds. Each skier then completes 3 rounds of racing, a quarter final, semi final and final. Each time a heat is run the first two skiers across the line move up to the higher seeded bracket and the final one/two move down to the lower seeded bracket so competitors race different people with each round and have an opportunity to improve their initial placing as the rounds go on. At the end of the event each person will have done 4 races, 1 individual and 3 mass start heats/finals.

*Boys and girls will race against each other.

*If numbers in a category are low, we may mix them in with another category.

Event Location:  The event hub will be located in the Nordic Centre Cross Country Stadium, directly across from the Day Lodge.

Race Office:  Registration and bib pick up from 7:45 – 8:30am in the Canmore Nordic Ski ClubTeam Room – Team Room 2 located near the CCC and Biathlon Canada building (see map below).


Open to both novice and experienced skiers alike!

Competitor must be a member of a Cross Country Canada (CCC) registered club.

Categories and Events

Age Group Category for B4S Individual Time Trial Start Kings Court Rounds Start
2003-2004 Polar bears 9:00am 9:45am
2005-2006 Grizzly bears 9:05am 9:45am
2007-2008 Black bears 9:10am 9:45am
2009 Cubs 9:15am 9:45am

Cubs Category: 2009 YOB kids are welcome to join us for the day. No need to have ever raced before. Come and give it a go on whatever ski equipment you have, skating or classic.

Event information meeting: 8:50am in the Cross Country stadium next to start

There will be a race briefing for all competitors and parents at 8:50am. We’ll go over the start order and times.

Event  format : Kings Court sprint – Freestyle

9 – 9:20am individual time trial on course. Skiers will start at 15 second intervals. Start order is based on category with older categories starting first.

*Based on the time of each skier they will be given a seeded number within their category, this will determine which quarter final they will start in.

9:45am12noon Quarter finals begin. There will be 3 quarter finals for each category with 4 – 6 skiers in each final. All skiers complete 3 rounds, a quarter, semi then final.

Please note: This event requires a lot of movement, organization and self management of racers. It would be good to have coaches in the start area to help ensure all racers make it to the start line on time. Please make sure all competitors know to listen to the start marshals for direction on when and where to go.

Course Details

The event hub will be in the Cross Country stadium, across from the Day Lodge. Competitors will start facing the skating rink taking a right turn and heading up over the hill near the wax rooms. The course then comes down the ‘camel hump’ and into the stadium, taking another right turn and heading back to the finish line, see map below. The stadium area will be shared with other public users and people taking and giving lessons so we ask you access the start and finish from beside the day lodge or the wax room parking lot and cross where directed by the course marshals. The black spotted lines indicate access to the start & finish.

There is some parking near the Biathlon stadium however the majority of the parking is located near the Day Lodge. There are washrooms in the private and public wax room buildings and in the Day Lodge.


Participants are able to register online via Zone4 until 9pm Saturday 7th January. Bib pick up will be from 7:45 – 8:30am at the Canmore Nordic Ski Club Team Room.

Registration link: https://zone4.ca/reg.asp?id=14414

Entry fees:

CNC Seasons pass holders: $5

Non-CNC Seasons pass holders: 12.50

Trail Passes

All participants and parents who are skiing must have a valid trail pass to use the trails at the Nordic Centre. Participants of the Built 4 Speed event are able to purchase a day pass for $7.50 with their online registration, seasons pass holders will just need to input the number on their seasons pass. Please note only those who register online will be able to purchase the pass for $7.50!

Parents and other family members will need to purchase a trail pass the Daylodge:

Adult (18 and over) $15

Junior (12 – 17) $11.25

Child (6 – 11) $9

Child (5 – under) Free

Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park staff will issue a $174 fine for people using the trails without either a day pass or a season pass.


Participants will be provided with a refreshment after each bout of racing. The Day Lodge café will be open and operational during this time for all other needs!


Waxing: There is  a public wax room  available on-site.

High Fluoro (HF) glide wax, powders, pucks or liquids are not permitted.

Organizing Committee

Andrea Quinlan – Lead Coach

Track Attack program Canmore Nordic Ski Club, trackattackcoach@canmorenordic.com

Allison McArdle – Lead Coach

Train to Train program Canmore Nordic Ski Club, allisonm@canmorenordic.com

Emergency Procedures

A First Aider will be present with a first aid kit.  Emergency response if a skier is injured will be to contact the Canmore Nordic Centre for emergency help.

Possible Cancellation

Please note if there is cold weather predicted for the weekend a notice will be made on the Club website, Twitter @canmorenordic and on our Facebook page. An email will also be sent to all Club officials. Due to the time constraint of the event, 9am – 12noon, we are unable to delay the start of the event due to cold weather as a result, if it is going to be colder than -15 we will not hold the event. A decision will be made by 7am on Sunday 8th of January, if not before and will be communicated through the aforementioned channels.

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