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Adult Ski Lessons Registration
The Adult Recreational program registration is now open until December 15th (late fee of $30 after...
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Canmore Nordic Centre Live Webcam
Live view of the cross country stadium
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Canmore Nordic Centre Trail Grooming Map
Live GPS enabled grooming conditions at the Canmore Nordic Centre
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Sovereign Lake NORAM Races
Sovereign Lake NORAM Races (posted on Dec 9th, 2008)
The Canmore Nordic Ski Club was represented by 20 athletes more »
CNSC Phil Widmer Takes Down World's Best at Tune-Up Race in France
CNSC Phil Widmer Takes Down World's Best at Tune-Up Race in France (posted on Dec 5th, 2008)
By: Cross Country Canada
CNSC member, Phil Widmer, of Banff, Alta., wasted no time charging ahead of many of the world's best cross-country ski sprinters more »
Doping in Cross Country Skiing
Doping in Cross Country Skiing (posted on Dec 4th, 2008)
By: Roddy Ward
The practice of using artificial substances or methods to enhance athletic performance is called doping. Athletes face enormous pressure to excel in competition. They also know that winning can not only earn them a gold medal, but earn them a lot of money and fame. more »
Just Over a Year Ago I Had No Idea What Biathlon Was
Just Over a Year Ago I Had No Idea What Biathlon Was (posted on Dec 4th, 2008)
By: Pavan Sandhu
Just over a year ago I had no idea what biathlon was. I had just moved to Canmore, and I had no idea what I was doing. more »
The Importance of Consistency
The Importance of Consistency (posted on Dec 2nd, 2008)
By: Dave Wood
When I talk about consistency I mean an athlete should be able to perform at a level reflective of their basic ability (talent??) throughout a season and season after season. more »
The Power of Motivation
The Power of Motivation (posted on Dec 1st, 2008)
By: Colin Elliott
I find that one of the most important skills in skiing is to have motivation to do training. This is a lot easier said then done though. When you are tired and feel like you can't keep moving, being able to motivate yourself can be tough. more »
Biathlon race season kicks off in Canmore North American Cup and Calforex Cup #1 took place this past weekend at the Canmore Nordic Centre. more »
Stefan Kuhn Finds the Light to Post Best Ever World Cup Result in Finland
Stefan Kuhn Finds the Light to Post Best Ever World Cup Result in Finland (posted on Nov 29th, 2008)
By: Cross Country Canada
Stefan Kuhn, of Canmore, Alta., was shining bright after sprinting to his best-ever World Cup result on a dark day at a World Cup in Kuusamo, Finland on Saturday.

Following the 1.2-kilometre track lined with floodlights, the 29-year-old battled his way into 15th-spot, and his best-ever World Cup... more »
Stefan Kuhn Update from Scandinavia
Stefan Kuhn Update from Scandinavia (posted on Nov 28th, 2008)
By: Stefan Kuhn
Training and racing in the darkness of northern Scandinavia really makes you appreciate the sunshine Canmore has to offer more »
Phil Widmer Update from Canmore!
Phil Widmer Update from Canmore! (posted on Nov 28th, 2008)
By: Phil Widmer
The Season of the Time Trail is upon us and you know what that means: the real deal is soon to come! more »
Cross Country World Cup Action This Weekend
Cross Country World Cup Action This Weekend (posted on Nov 27th, 2008)
After the weekend in Swedish Lapland, the Cross-Country family will be moving west to the north of Finland more »
Think Fast
Think Fast (posted on Nov 26th, 2008)
By: Matt Fitzgerald, Runner's World
Yes, you need to train your legs, but it's really your brain that dictates your pace. more »
Listening to Yourself
Listening to Yourself (posted on Nov 24th, 2008)
By: Tatiana Vukadinovic
Listening to your body is a super hard skill to master, never mind actually being able to interpret what its trying to tell you. I personally found that it took a couple years and a bunch of mistakes before I felt that I kind of figured it out. more »
CNSC's Stefan Kuhn starts World Cup season this weekendStefan Kuhn, along with Devon Kershaw will be hitting the start line for the first world cup of the season this weekend. more »
My Biathlon Summer
My Biathlon Summer  (posted on Nov 20th, 2008)
By: Sam Groeneveld
When I was younger I was in biathlon and my Dad was one of the coaches and I was doing some racing. My dad used to bring me to the range... more »