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My First Ski Nov 30th, 2009

By: Colin Elliott

It was an amazing morning. The sun was out, and it bounced off the snow at my feet. We had just gotten out of the car at the Lake Minnewanka parking lot. It was a chilly, and I was bundled up in clothes, from head to toe (neck tube included), like some kind of delicate glass. My mother hurried over with a pair of short skis in her hand. She placed them on the ground beside me and helped me in. Then we were off!

I immediately fell in love with the way my skis glided so easily over the snow. It was like flying. Well, as I found out later, that the day's ski was supposed to be short, suitable for a five-year-old's first day on skis, but I had a different idea in mind! After my first uneasy strides, I got my balance, and was off. I had heard of a bridge that was a fair ways down the trail, and I was determined to make it to that bridge. No matter what!

The first obstacle I had to overcome was a steady long uphill. It is still a challenging hill to climb today! But on my first day skiing, and I was filled with the seemingly demonic energy young children have. I plugged away at that hill until at last I reached the top. To my disappointment we weren't at the bridge yet.
It was still a long way off! Well that wasn't going to stop me! As soon as my parents caught their breath, I set off again, more determined than ever to reach the bridge.

For a while, the going was easy. Then we came to the final challenge to see if I was worthy of an audience with that bridge -- a steep downhill with a few nasty turns. I shuffled my way to the edge, and then continued right over. No downhill would stop me today! I did fall a few times, and every time I would pick myself up, move another 10 feet and fall again. But for those 10 feet when I wasn't sprawled on the ground I was having the time of my life! Finally I reached the bottom, and there it was, the bridge!

And the bridge was just that, a bridge. Nothing very special about it, but to me it was a huge accomplishment! I was going to tell everyone that I had made it to the bridge on my first day skiing! Well it didn't come without sacrifice, when we got home I realized my feet had turned into mass of dead flesh and blisters. It was worth it though!

Looking back I this story is a great example of many important aspects of skiing, namely determination. It was determination that got me to that bridge back then, and determination is still incredibly important to my skiing today. If I'm not determined to improve my technique and get better, than I never will.

I have to be determined to meet my goals, and I was back then, I made it to the bridge and that was my only goal at the time. Sure we'll encounter obstacles and problems, but so long as our determination doesn't falter we can bypass those barriers and continue on. Through determination and by trying our hardest I'm sure that all of us can reach our own bridges and succeed at whatever we are doing.