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Junior racing update: A poem by Emma Lodge Mar 24th, 2010


France. Delicious food, amazing scenery, hilarious teammates and tough competition.
Here's how my first international race went, in poetic verse...

I wake up early and go for a run,
past the cows, the geese, i'm ready for fun.
Breakfast ready, huge, large and delicious,
fresh bread, cereal, its all so nutritious.

We're at the range now, zero begins,
three lanes, nine athletes, let's see those grins.
Wow, these girls sure look fast,
let's all aim high, "please, not last!"

In the start pen, I've got my rifle and skis,
it's sort of cold out, i hope i don't freeze.
the starter says "Allez!", what does that mean?
Go? I see, time to ski like a machine.

It's the first lap, I start to sweat,
Gotta keep going, the race ain't over yet.
Up the hills, down the hills, this course is rough,
that's all okay, I'm built Canmore tough.

Into the range, the wind is blowing,
two right, one down, these targets I'm owning.
Now with only one lap to ski,
I'm back on the course faster than anyone can say "Oh Gee!"

The boys are on course now as well,
it's kind of scary, they ski faster than hell!
I see Macx go ripping past,
He's number fifty, forty-nine has been surpassed.

Standing shooting is not really my thing,
only twice do I hear that "bing-cling".
But the thing that really struck me as strange,
was the man fixing targets-down range!

This is it, my last lap,
don't want to start the pursuit from way back!
I see the finish drawing near,
Around the corner, that's Tarah's cheer.

Across the line, I'm all done
it wasn't easy, but it sure was fun!
That's international race number one in the bag,
one step closer to waving our flag.