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Haig Diary Aug 2nd, 2010


Things I Love About Haig.

  • 1. Drinking from Palm Springs.
  • 2. Visits from Tarah.
  • 3. Arriving and discovering I forgot Paul's eye medicine.
  • 4. Resemblance to the moon.
  • 5. Watching boys biff it boot skiing.
  • 6. 0.5 degree recovery dips.
  • 7. Yummy food!
  • 8. Eye Infections (plural).
  • 9. Awakening to rodents eating the underside of our building.
  • 10. Sharing a wall with boys...enough said?
  • 11. Paul yelling in his sleep.
  • 12. Rock allergies.
  • 13. The toilets.
  • 14. Mice that come and spoon at night.
  • 15. Getting stupidly lost every single day, by myself coming down from the glacier.
  • 16. Baking banana bread.
  • 17. Being horizontal.
  • 18. My team mates who are prepared for me when I am not.
  • 19. Skiing in the rain.
  • 20. Inspirational singing by fellow team mates while skiing.
  • 21. Wringing water out of your clothing in the morning, and skiing in it an hour later.
  • 22. Peeing in a metal cylinder during lighting storms.
  • 23. Cold showers.
  • 24. So much rain you don't need a shower.
  • 25. Coming around the side of the building and hitting a wall of rain.

While some points are loved in a slightly sarcastic way, I love my team, and we are all very greatful we are privileged enough to receive such amazing opportunities. I would like to thank Roddy & Alain, and the CODA staff for making our trip possible, and more then enjoyable.

"That is where we will ski!"

Heading down after many good quality training hours

Whats else can you ask for? Skiing in july, on a blue bird day with perfect tracks!