Biathlon & Cross Country – Train to Train

FOCUS:  Continued development of overall fitness and ski specific skills of children age 12-13, who have completed the Track Attack (TA) program or similar level. This stage is the window of optimal trainability for aerobic training. Developing sound technique is again a major component at this stage.
COACHING: Allison McArdle, Bachelor of Applied Science in Sports Coaching and a Diploma of Education in Physical Education and Health Education. She is a certified level 2 cross country ski coach with the Ski and Snowboard Australian Sports Commission, Contact:  <ahref=””>
RESOURCE: Cross Country Canada’s Skill and Development Program for Children

12 year olds: Program runs from September to March.
There are 3 sessions per week on average.
Biathlon training starts mid-September
COST: Cross Country $880
Biathlon $1115

13 year olds: Two sessions in the spring months, light program in the summer (1 session per week); full program in the fall (3 sessions per week on average).
Biathlon training starts mid-September
COST: Cross Country $1385
Biathlon $1630

OTHER COSTS: Waxing deposit, rollerski rental (if needed), rifle rental (if needed), club membership, all expenses at camps/races, CCC insurance, CNC range pass (if needed)
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