Jan 30 to Feb 6

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    Rachel Koroscil

    Hello U16/U18,

    We are in the heart of the race season now with Calforex Cup Edmonton and Western Canadian Championships kicking off this weekend.

    With the completion of exams (which can be very stressful for some), check in with your energy to be sure you are getting proper recovery- especially sleeping 9+ hours a night and fueling yourself with lots of nutritious food.

    Training this week:

    4:45-6:45 See XC Forum for Times and Details.

    Wednesday(1) – Don’t forget media waivers tonight!
    4:45-6:15 Biathlon Combo

    Base Wax for Edmonton: __________

    4:45-6:15 Race Prep Intensities – Biathlon

    10:00 Arrive for Biathlon TT with Foothills

    10:30 Zero

    SB/G Mass Start PPSS 5×1.5km

    SB/G Start Approx. 1150

    (Dev Start Approx. 1115)

    Friday (3) – Sunday (5) Calforex Cup Edmonton: Details in Separate Forum Post

    Monday Feb 6– No strength due to race weekends.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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