Alberta Cup January 7 and 8: Updated January 5 at 9:30 am

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    Sara Renner

    Happy Holidays everyone. If extra motivation is required to get your family skiing, our snow forts need a little love. Feel free to build up the snow piles as we will be digging them out after the holidays. There is an other opportunity to race in a fun and supportive environment. I will be away and our top notch track attack coaching team will be stepping in to keep the crew on track. As per usual, all racing details will be posted on the forum. Track Attack will resume after the holidays on Thursday, January 12

    Alberta Cup January 7 and 8
    Race information here:
    Skate sprints on Saturday, Classic Mass Start Sunday
    Registration deadline Jan 4, 22:00 MT. Link here:

    Glide Wax
    Glide waxing is not required but if you are feeling inspired, go for it. If you are feeling overwhelmed, fear not. Glide waxing will not affect racing outcomes at the Track Attack age and is not required. The forecast for the upcoming AB Cup loks like great conditions around -3C and sunny. Perfect racing temperatures. Wax your Skate and Classic skis with: Swix CH (PS) 6 or Ulla PurpleBlack. Start with a metal brush, wipe your base with a shop towel to remove any dirt, then apply your wax. Those using the traditional iron method, ensure you scrape and brush very well afterward. The first AB Cup had many skis with a lot of wax on them still slowing the wax process for all 65 pairs of skis the wax team will be handling each day.

    Classic ski grip wax preparation
    The Canmore Nordic waxing team will apply grip wax on race day. The expectation is that classic skis are marked with your child’s name and race category with a marked, clean and sanded grip zone. To find grip zones: click here. . delivered at the end of your race day on Saturday, estimation is 3pm. The team room is in the biathlon stadium with a #2 on the door.

    How a race day looks
    Details for the race weekend (arrival time, updates from the coach meeting, etc) will be posted on the forum the night before each race at about 7pm. Race start lists will be posted on at about 4pm the day before the race. I will post a glide wax recommendation on Thursday using the most accurate weather forecast for the weekend. It will follow the club waxing guide and instruction for when to drop off classic skis (glide waxed by you, but clean kick zones) to the teamroom for grip waxing by our wax team.

    -Designed to build independence in the athletes. Allows parents to cheer for their kids and volunteer at the races.
    -Canmore Nordic is responsible for taking the kids on a warm up, bringing them the start line Hugs and high five’s welcome, especially after crossing the finish line!
    -No awards for U10

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