Dec 19 to Jan 2

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    Rachel Koroscil

    Monday (19)
    Strength with Chelsea. See XC Forum for times.

    Tuesday (20)
    4:45-6:45 Strength and Cardio. See XC Forum.

    Wednesday (21) 
    TTSD + Primo + Multi
    500-630: Haig room
    Team Values discussion, session #3 – sticker competition.
    Followed by holiday gift exchange (as per Matt’s WhatsApp post from Monday).

    Thursday (22) 
    TTSD + Primo + Multi
    445-645: 2 groups 1) U16 2) U18
    Again, no wet/dirty shoes in the gym.
    U16 to start in gym
    U18 to start in wax room with a waxing review. Bring a pair of classic skis, scraped.


    Monday (26) 
    TTSD + Primo + Multi
    Fun Relays: See XC Forum for details.


    Wednesday (28) 
    TTSD + Primo + Multi
    10:30-12:30 Biathlon Practice – Skate Combo.


    Friday (30) 
    TTSD + Primo + Multi
    Training with XC. See XC Forum.


    Saturday (31) 
    TTSD + Primo + Multi
    10:30-12:30 New Year’s Biathlon Challenge! (Equipment for shooting and skate skiing).


    Monday (2) 
    Trials Athletes 
    8:30-10:15 Trials Race Prep – Skate Biathlon.

    Not Attending Trials Athletes 
    With XC – See XC Forum for details.


    For those not at Biathlon Trials: January 3 to 9th, please follow XC Forum and attend those sessions.


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