Details for Sunday AB Cup race

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    Alain Parent

    Great job today everyone. CNSC did very well in results but just as importantly in supporting each other. The coaches are really proud of all of you.

    Sunday is a classic individual start race (30 sec interval). No skating and tracking rule is in effect. Check for your start time.

    * First start time is at 9:30am (instead of 10am). Course closes at 9:20am. Warm up on Banff trail.

    * Please show up 1.5hrs before your start.

    * The coaches need your skis at the wax room by 7:30am. Deliver directly or phone a coach tonight to deliver your skis there.

    * If you haven’t glide waxed your skis with club wax yet, put a layer of Swix LF4 (or Start green, or Solda green, or toko LF blue). Make sure you scape & brush it really, really well, and sand your wax pocket with grit #100. Do not apply a binder as we could be using klister.

    Weather: Some snow overnight (??), max temp between -7 and -10.

    Course/distance: There is a 80% chance that the finger will now be open. This means that the original plan will stand.we will know by 8am on Sunday.

    If the finger is not available, this would be the plan: Older categories (starting with jr boy/girl) would ski an extra lap of the shorter course (2km instead of 3km).

    Mini-midgets will do 2 laps of the 1km no matter what plan it will be.

    Midget will either do the regular 2km with the finger, or the modified 2km (without the finger). Juvenile will do 2 laps under the same plan.

    Awards: west end of day lodge shortly after each race.

    All racers will wear a transponder for the race (pick up at the start). Transponders are an ankle cuff for timing. Don’t leave start pen once transponder is on.

    We ask every CNSC athlete to thank 1 race volunteer each after your race. Your parents don’t count 😆

    Have fun in the race. Enjoy going fast on a pair of skinny skis :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    Have a great evening and we will see you in the morning.

    “Almost all of our limitations are self-imposed. Those that are not can be overcome by cooperation with others whose strengths compliment our weakness.”
    Bill Koch , 1976 Olympic silver medalist in xc skiing

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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