Feb 14-20

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    Rachel Koroscil

    Hello LCs,

    A Note from Matt:

    The Olympic coverage has been fantastic with the streaming services available. 1 more week of racing to come, but take the opportunity to have easy access to watch the best skiers in the world right at your finger tips.

    Looking ahead in the calendar to Family week (Feb 21-27) we will have skiing in the morning to take advantage of the light and best grooming conditions. This is our final volume block of the year to help you ski your best at nationals and carry that fitness through to the end of the race season.  So get ready for some good hours on the skis.


    From Rachel: Remember I will be away at the World Youth Championships from Feb 21 to March 3. Please direct training questions to Stu.

    Training this week:

    Training OYO – See TP

    Jackrabbit Coaching!  Remember this is not training as your heart rate is not in a training zone, but it sure is fun and inspiring for the next generation of skiers.

    Multi-Primo-Team Trail Sports Development

    4:45-6:15 Biathlon Combo – Bring lots of ammo.

    Primo-Team Trail Sports Development

    4:45-6:15 Biathlon with Intensity

    Multi-Primo-Team Trail Sports Development

    4:45-6:15 Biathlon Hill Climb Combo

    Multi-Primo-Team Trail Sports Development

    9:30-12:30 Classic ski with XC. See XC Forum for time, wax recommendation and details.

    “I’m not here to beat my opponents. I’m just trying to be better than myself. No matter whether I land that trick, I win because the whole world can see my spirit. With this, I want all the other girls to break their boundaries. They will think: If Eileen can do it, they can also do it.” -Eileen Gu 2022 Olympic gold medalist Free ski big air

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