June 22-28

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    Alain Parent
    Alain Parent


    We are starting outside group workouts this week. Make sure you pay attention to the protocol that was emailed to all athletes/families on June 16th. The main points being 1) completing the health screening before each outdoor session by 8am the day of a workout, and 2) keeping a distance of 2 meters between athletes and coaches at all times.

    Check the forum regularly as some sessions might change due to weather or other last minute reasons.

    All T2-LC athletes taking part in club sessions must be club members and have paid at least 15% of their fees by June 30th. https://zone4.ca/reg.asp?id=23779

    Monday (22):
    Multi, Primo, Supremo

    Strength training. Our last Zoom session (unless it’s raining on a Tuesday in July or August!):

    Group 1: Born 05-06. Get your strength equipment and area ready before you go for a 40min Z2 run with 5 sprints of 10sec on an uphill, leaving your house at 1545. Sign-in to Zoom for a 1630 start for strength training.
    Group 2: Born 02-04. Get your strength equipment and area ready before you go for a 55min Z2 run with 8 sprints of 10sec on an uphill, leaving your house at 1630. Sign-in to Zoom for a 1730 start for strength training.

    Wednesday (24):
    T2, Multi, Primo, Supremo

    OUTSIDE GROUP SESSION – HORIZONTAL CHALLENGE! (Stay tuned for the Vertical Challenge in a few weeks)

    This is the first summer team workout, make sure you complete the health screening by 8am this morning and every workout morning! You can’t take part if you don’t sign in. The link is on your Training Peaks. 

    Biking from your house to the Bow Valley Parkway and back. Starting in pods from Travel Alberta. You can use a road bike or a mt bike.

    We are challenging you with the following distances.
    Year of birth:
    2003-04: 120km, turn at Castle Junction
    2005: 100km, turn before Johnston Canyon, after long split
    2006: 80km, turn at Muleshoe
    2007: 60km, turn at end of Vermillion Lakes Rd

    Leave your house with all the gear: extra tube, food (4 snacks), 2-3 water bottles, rain jacket, hrm, etc ….. and meet at Travel Alberta at the following time:
    Pod 2: 8:30am
    Pod 3: 8:45am
    Pod 1: 9:00am
    Pod 4: 9:15am
    Summer Pods here

    For those doing 80-100-120km -> keep in mind that when you bike through Banff to connect the Legacy Trail and the Vermillion Lakes Rd, you turn on ELK STREET in front of the high School. Not every sub-group will have a coach leading them through Banff. See map at the bottom of this post.

    Thursday (25):
    Primo, Supremo

    Skate rollerskiing with some strength (on rollerskis), agility, balance. No strength on rollerskis for POD 3.

    See times and meeting locations below. Physical distancing please!

    Last reminder for the summer -> please sign the health screening spreadsheet by 8am. Thank you!

    POD 1: Group session 0900-1030, meet in front of BWTC.
    POD 3: Group session 0900-1030, meet in grassy field beside team room.
    POD 2: Group session 1030-1200, meet in grassy field beside team room.

    Biathlon Shooting: POD 1 only: 1600-1800

    Saturday (27):

    Biathlon Shooting: POD 3 only: 8:30-10:30




    “To uncover your true potential you must first find your own limits and then you have to have the courage to blow past them.”
    – Picabo Street

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