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    Hi Team,

    For tomorrow’s grip wax, apply a thin layer of base binder to the skis: toko green, rode black, or Swix Blue extra if you don’t have either of the first two, ironed in.

    Based on the forecast we will use Rode Multigrade 0-(-2). I will have that wax with me, as well as a handful of others. Please arrive early if you are needing a touch up. We will start at 9:45am and be skiing for 2 hours.

    Make sure you bring some snacks in your water belt along with water or sport drink. This is a great stage for the T1 athletes to take responsibility of thier hydration and food during a session. It makes things difficult for me to look after dehydrated or unfueled kids along the way during a group ski like tomorrow.

    Make sure to bring some food and water for afterwards, lunch in the car is a great option.

    See you tomorrow

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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