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    Alain Parent

    Hello U16 & U18’s !

    Spring time is here! I hope you all had a fun spring, a good rest, and your batteries are all recharged after an exciting season of racing. Spring is the time to get out and enjoy all the fun sports we can do. If you are playing soccer, running track, biking, or any other sport and can not make it to organized team training, don’t get stressed about it. The important thing is getting out the door 6 days a week for some sort of activity. Of course, if you don’t have another activity during CNSC planned training time, we want to see you! Becoming a good skier doesn’t just happen, it comes down to getting out and accomplishing your training.

    We will just have 3 team sessions before leaving for our annual spring camp in Vernon, more details to come about the camp shortly.

    I recommend you get out for 3-4 bike rides this week.

    Please register in your program by May 15th HERE. You will only find multi and primo streams to sign up for. If you are interested in Team Trail Sports, choose primo and fill in the TTS application. We will announce TTS members in a couple weeks.

    Monday, May 16:
    TTS – Development

    Strength with Chelsea

    445-500. Bike up to the BWTC. Arrive at the bwtc desk at 500 (bring clean shoes please). You will be done with the session at 615 and can then bike back home.

    Tuesday, May 17:

    Strength at the bwtc

    U18’s: Arrive 445 and meet at the bwtc desk. You will start with the gym (bring clean shoes for the gym). We will go for a run, agility, speed at 545 (bring outdoor running shoes and clothes. You will be done at 630.

    U16’s: Arrive 500 and meet outside the bwtc (bring outdoor shoes and clothes). We will start with a run, agility, and speed first. You will move to inside strength at 545 (bring clean indoor shoes). You will be done at 645.

    Wednesday, May 18:
    Multi, Primo, TTS-Dev

    BIKING CANCELLED. We will run instead. Meet at Riverside Park at 445. We will run until 600.

    445-630: Road bike ride. Meet at Travel Alberta. Make sure your bike is in good working order. Check your tires for cracks, pump them up to 80-90psi, check your break pads, lube your chain, and be sure all is running smoothly before you take off down the street. Bring a tube that fits your rim with you. A pump helps too!

    Remember that it’s way cooler on a bike than running, so dress warmly!

    Passion first and everything will fall into place. 
    – Holly Holm

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