Nov 21 to 27

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    Rachel Koroscil


    • There are a couple of November deadlines on the race spreadsheet HERE
    • For safety reasons, a bright headlamp with a fresh charge is required for all after school sessions. If you forget to bring your headlamp or your battery dies, please go to the bwtc to spin on a bike or call for a ride – let a coach know you have left the workout.
    • The club’s Cold Weather Guidelines is HERE
    • Nov 24th is the deadline to claim a room with our group booking at the Norseman for the Camrose Calforex Cup.

    Monday (21)
    See XC Forum

    Tuesday (22)
    See XC Forum

    Wednesday (23)

    4:45-6:15 Biathlon Classic Ski Combo

    Base Wax Recommendation for Race Weekend:_CH6 or ULLA Violet Black_

    Thursday (24) – Deadline for Norseman Hotel Group Booking – Camrose

    4:45-6:15 Biathlon Race Prep Practice.

    Bring potential race skis to training for ski selection. Ensure all test skis have the same type of wax on them (Base wax recommendation above). Rachel will help with selection if needed.

    Leave race skis for waxing in team room after training.

    Friday (25)

    We will not participate in Official Training today. Please see your TP for individual suggestions.

    Saturday (26)/Sunday(27)
    Calforex Cup! Details to come in separate forum post.

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