Nov 28 to Dec 4 – Updated Friday 10:00PM

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    Rachel Koroscil

    First race weekend is in the books. Lots of good efforts and learning for the rest of the season. Great work everyone!


    Tuesday (29)
    4:45-6:45 Classic ski and Strength in the BWTC
    Drop off your equipment at the team room
    U18 in the gym first.

    Wednesday (30) UPDATED 8:00AM
    TTSD + Primo + Multi
    4:45-5:30 Ski OYO
    5:30-6:15 Gun maintenance, dryfiring, pizza?!?!

    Thursday (1) UPDATED 12:00PM
    TTSD + Primo + Multi
    6:00-7:30 Strength + Dryfiring in the gym.   Do not bring any ammunition with you in the gym. Rifles will be inspected by Rachel before dryfiring.

    Saturday (3) UPDATED 10:00PM
    TTSD + Primo + Multi
    11:00-12:30 CLASSIC Ski Intensities, Technique and Combo

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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