Oct 25 to Oct 31

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    Rachel Koroscil

    Yahoo, racing is coming up! There are sign up deadlines coming up. Please sign up with a YES or NO. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MCxfd6Qg142NbSPAYbn1gyrESuq3LqQ-8OGzC27nTgU/edit?usp=sharing

    * Make sure your skis are properly waxed so you can maximize each sessions. This is of course especially important for classic.
    * Our club Ski Swap is Oct 30 (consignment) and Oct 31 (sale). Clean up your garage and bring your gear on Saturday.

    MONDAY (25)
    Meet at the BWTC – See XC Forum.

    Tuesday (26)

    445-615: All Standing Shooting Classic Skiing Biathlon Practice on FT

    Classic wax recommendation:
    Use a putty knife and scrape off most of the old klister. No need to clean with wax remover, enough of the blue/purple base klister will remain. Apply half and half, Swix universal klister – Rode Rossa klister. A total of about 12 dots on each side of the groove. Warm up with your heat gun and smooth either with your thumb or an old cork (easier with the thumb). Voilà

    Wax videos HERE

    Waxing guide HERE

    Wednesday (27)

    445-615: Z5 skate biathlon intensity on FT.

    Thursday (28)

    Running (and hiding in the woods) and strength in the gym.

    See XC Forum for details.

    Saturday (30)

    We have a skate time trial planned. Afterwards we will work on some fatigue shooting standing. Alain will send TT details by email. Shooting will begin after the TT is done, and will be complete at 11:30.


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