October 17-23

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    Alain Parent

    Make sure you pick up your Frozen Thunder bib at Nordiq Canada before the Saturday workout.
    Details HERE

    Monday (17)
    5:00-6:00  Strength with Chelsea at the BWTC

    Tuesday (18)
    4:45-6:45  Classic Rollerski and Strength in the gym.
    U18 start in the gym
    U16 Start Rollerskiing- meet at the team room

    Wednesday (19)
    445-645: Run & RS-SK. Females Rollerski first, Males run first. Meet at team room

    Thursday (20)
    STUR 445-540pm. For XC: Bring warm clothing to attend our XC team meeting about team values at the Holiday Inn at 545pm (for about 20-30min). This week, please think about what our U16/U18 team values should be.

    Start list and results HERE. Email Alain if you are not taking part.

    Friday (21)
    Frozen Thunder opens

    Saturday (22)
    XC skiers will ski in slot 1 today (830am) and biathletes in slot 2 (1030am). You need to have a bib to take part.
    Arrive the team room at 830am with your skate skis (scraped!), with snow baskets on your poles, and your bib. We will ski until 10am, then switch over to running, until 1130am. Bring your water belt and a couple of snacks. Don’t forget your running shoes and please wear your club jacket.

    Did I mention to bring your bib to ski?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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