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    Notes for below categories:
    Open Men/Women, Junior Men/Women, Junior Boys/Girls will be using the XC Stadium.
    -Qualifier will begin at 9:00am.
    -Arrive 1:15 before your start, or 1:45 if you still need to base wax your skis. Race ready skis need to be in the team room for 7:30am.
    -bib and leg number will be at the team room for qualifier. Leg number need to be placed on your left leg above your ankle on the side of your lower leg.
    -course closes 10minutes before the first start
    -course reopens at 9:50am-11:50am
    -heats start at 12:00 with Sr. Women, Sr. Men
    -if returning home between heats plan to arrive 1 hour before your start.
    -heats will be timed, so possible 3rd and 4th from fastest heat could advance.
    -awards for all categories will be outside of day lodge at approximately 3:30pm
    -start lists can be found on

    Notes for Midgets and Juveniles:
    -sprint course will be out of the Biathlon stadium
    -qualification start at 10:05am
    -plan to arrive 1:45 before your start to wax your skis, or have your skis at the team room at 8:00am with base wax already on.
    -access to biathlon stadium is from the 2nd tunnel (closest to terrain park)
    -Juvenile heats start at 12:30, plan to stay onsite in between qualifier and heats.
    -Midgets heats start at 1:45pm. If you are planning to go home be back 1 hr before your start.
    -heats are not timed and 2 lucky losers will be based on the 3rd place finisher within a heat with the fastest qualifying times advancing.
    -course closes 10minutes before the first start
    -course reopens at 11:00am-12:20pm
    -all awards will be held at the west end of the day lodge in the XC stadium at approximately 3:30pm.
    -start list can be found on

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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