September 12-18

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    Alain Parent

    A very good first week of fall training. Continue bringing your best focus and wanting to improve. Coaches like that!

    This upcoming week is an intensity themed week. Note the 2 planned time trials.

    Heads up: “Creating an Upstander Culture” workshop for athletes and parents next Wednesday (Sept 21st), 600-630pm. The Canmore Nordic board of directors is making this session mandatory for athletes and parents. See separate forum post about this.

    “The most important story is the one you tell yourself. Telling yourself a positive story won’t always turn it into reality, but telling yourself a negative one often does.”
    Shane Parrish

    Monday (12):

    Chelsea is away this week. No TTS-D strength in the gym. Check your TP for other prescribed training

    Tuesday (13):
    445-645. Strength in the BWTC & RS-CL with sprints/agility
    U18 in the gym first. Meet in the BWTC with your clean indoor shoes
    U16 RS-CL first. Meet in front of bwtc

    Wednesday (14):
    445-630. RS-SK. Meet in front of bwtc.

    Thursday (15):

    U18’s will do a double STUR – Starting at 505 and 535

    U16’s – single STUR starting at 515
    Warm up on your own for a total of 30min with enough intensity so you are ready to go fast right off the line! See warm up document HERE

    START LIST HERE   Email Alain if you can’t make it today

    Saturday (17):
    Time Trial RS-SK at the CNC. Meet at 9am at the BWTC for instructions. First start will be at about 930am. U16 will go 5km, U18’s will go 10km. We will be done ~1030.


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