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    Alain Parent

    Don’t fear moving forward slowly. Fear standing still.”
    Chinese proverb


    Monday (19):

    Strength with Chelsea. Chelsea is sick. Do a home routine or go to the bwtc gym for 45min.

    Tuesday (20):
    445-645. Strength in the BWTC & RS-SK with sprints/agility
    U18 in the gym first. Meet in the BWTC with your clean indoor shoes
    U16 RS-SK first. Meet in front of bwtc

    Wednesday (21):

    445-550: Run at CNC. Meet at BWTC
    Creating an Upstander Culture 6:00-6:30, BWTC

    Thursday (22):

    445-615 for both groups

    All boys: RS-CL. Meet at BWTC

    All girls: RS-CL. Meet at Nordiq Canada

    Saturday (24):

    900-1200. Run/hike. Meet at Quarry Lake parking lot. We will run then hike the Nub and run back to Quarry. Bring 2 bars, water plus appropriate clothing.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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