This week training (Nov. 19-25th)

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    Hey Team:

    Tuesday: Z1 skiing with sprints, sprint relays.
    TT1 will have a wax clinic to start.

    Wednesday: EVERYONE should attend (TT1 included)!
    Time Trial with foothills nordic. 6:00 arrival, 6:20 zero start, 7:00 race start. All finished and packed up by 8:00pm. This is a time change for TT2 as we will not start at the usual 4:30 time. Everyone should REALLY try to make it out. It’ll be good training, good experiance and a fun event.

    Thursday: Ski strength combo, strength relay

    Saturday: Time TBD
    Time Trial with Foothills Nordic. Mass start race with penalty loops. Senior and up 8-10km, juniors 5-6km. Format may change depending on snow conditions. I’ll let you all know if there is a change and at what time the Time trial will happen.

    We have a couple chances this week to get into racing mode, so make sure you come out! Our first races are the following week! yaaaaaaaaaayyyy! 😀

    See ya tomorrow night

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