Track Attack week #1!!

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    Justin Wadsworth
    Justin Wadsworth

    Hello All-

    Welcome to session number one of TA!

    For Monday’s session we will be doing some icebreaker games, so please have your child dress warmly as we won’t be moving as much as normal.
    Please don’t send your kids with snacks, as it’s only an hour and a half and we won’t be taking time to have everyone eat something. Water/sport drink is great though!

    I’m sure you’ve gotten the emails regarding TA this evening. If not, please see the below message from Leslie Simpson:

    Hello Track Attack Parents!
    We’d like to introduce ourselves, and give you all a little more information on the program that will be starting this coming Monday Sept 14 and running through until March. Also, please pay attention to the health screening link below as it is most important and needs to be filled out within 30 minutes before the start of each session. If it is not filled out your child will not be able to participate in the session.

    Health Screening link:

    Intro to Track Attackers (1st year -2011) will train dry-land Monday’s only through September 28. At that point they take a break and resume Nov 9, and take part in both Monday and Thursday sessions through the winter. Second and third years TA’s (2009/2010) will train both days of the week through the whole season.
    The on the ground coaching will be led by myself Justin Wadsworth. I was a former ski racer competing for the US Ski Team, and more recently the Canadian National Ski team. My wife, Beckie Scott, competed for the Canadian Ski Team for many years. We have two children, Teo and Brynn.

    We have a number of other coaches helping us out this year and have divided the kids into 4 pods of 15 (you will see this on the link to health screening where the pods are listed). It will take a few sessions for us to figure out the pods – they can be changed as we want the kids to be happy and in a group with their friends.

    The main organizer, head of logistics, and communication of all good things will be Leslie Simson. Leslie is a supermom of three children, Aislin, Grant and Dahlia!

    The main goal for all Track Attackers including the coaches and parents, is to maximize the enjoyment of cross country skiing through a fun and focused learning environment with the emphasis on creating a culture of community. We are not out to make everyone an Olympic racer, but racing will be part of what we do as a program, and will bring great fun along with improved skiing skills for your child. It’s all about fitness, fun and physical literacy!

    The majority of sessions will depart from the Canmore Nordic team wax room in the biathlon parking lot (each pod will have a specific meeting place in this area) – beginning at 5:00 sharp, and finishing at 6:30. Please be on time for both drop off and pick up.
    Meeting Places for Pods
    POD 6 – under the flagpole of the united states
    POD 7 – in front of the large wax room building
    POD 8 – on the paved walkway to the upper entrance to the biathlon building
    POD 9 – on the grass next to the Canmore Nordic wax room

    PLEASE check the forum (Link at the bottom of the page) to double check on the meeting place each session, as well as for other info that will be valuable for you and your child to know.
    (, click FORUM, Click Track Attack)

    For the fall dry-land sessions your child will need a good pair of running shoes (no skate or court shoes please), water bottle and carrier, as well as some warm clothes for when the sun goes down during training.
    One last piece of information I’d like to ask you to share with your child. For this program to work well, and for us to keep all of our great coaches enthused and able to do their best, it’s very important to have a discussion with your child about listening and paying attention during training. It takes an incredible amount of energy and focus away from the group when one or two individuals are not listening or distracting others. Please take the time before the first training session to have this talk – Thanks!

    Look forward to seeing you all soon!


    Justin and Leslie

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