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    Hey Team:

    Short team training week for this week, as we have x-mas break coming up.

    Tuesday: Ski strength. TT1 will do strength maint. in the weight room as well.

    **ALL TT1 athletes need to buy a 10 punch- punch card for the Bill Warren weight room. We will use that 1x a week for the rest of winter. Strength training through winter is important as it minimizes the likelyhood of injury, and gives us better “Body feel” which helps us get better techically at skiing. Weight strength coupled with ski specific strength also makes us much stronger and fitter for skiing….so…its very important we do it. I think the price will be around $35.

    Wednesday: TT2 only. Combo, sprints and strength maint. in weight room

    Thursday: Time trial for all groups. TT2 will carry rifles and go around 8-9km. TT1 will do around 6-7 km.

    Saturday: NO team training, do your training on your own.

    We will re-group the next friday at the camp (Dec. 28th). I will likely hold an optional practice in the morning next week 1x…for those keen to shoot. More to come on that..

    See ya tomorrow

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