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Backyard Strength with Megan (Fall)

Megan has a long history with biathlon and avoiding classic skiing. She is a former rural Manitoban and as such, loves workouts that use creative strength and athletic challenges and don’t involve a gym.

Looking to ease into Ski with Alaric sessions with a bit of dry land training? Backyard Strength (BS) with Megan will say hello to your hamstrings and brush off your biceps just in time for winter. The emphasis on these workouts will focus on outdoor strength movements, focusing on good form and good fun, not heavy weights. Participants should be comfortable with an easy jog, a variety of basic strength movements, and be willing to chirp Megan while working out.

This is a perfect program to prepare for skiing with Alaric!

Ski with Alaric (Winter)

A fun and sometimes intense skiing program for adults, changing between classic and skate skiing.
Sessions will include intensity training, some technique training, a warm-up, and a cool-down.
Skiers are expected to be intermediate or advanced.
NOTE: This program is about having fun skiing and challenging yourself.

Adult Ski Lessons (Winter)

A five or ten week program open to adults, divided into one or two 5-week sessions. This program gives participants the skills to enjoy the great ski trails around the Canmore Nordic Centre and beyond. Participants may select two classic ski sessions, two skate ski sessions, or one classic ski and one skate ski session. All ski lessons are taught by Canmore Nordic Ski Club instructors who are trained & certified by the Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors (CANSI)
NOTE: Sessions will be based on demand; therefore, some choices may not be available. If a participant chooses to do two sessions in the same discipline, the program will not be a continuation but will be repetition (instructor may or may not be the same)
Participants choose one of three levels.

Adult Ski/Technique Training (Fall and Winter)

This program is open to adults, focusing on technique development for the intermediate to advanced skier with a format that combines skill improvement with fitness and coaching, and of course fun, taking advantage of the excellent trails at the Canmore Nordic Centre.
FOCUS:Technique and fitness improvement
This program is designed for people who want to continue improving their ski technique in classic and/or skating with a secondary focus on fitness. Both classic and skate techniques will be taught. Participants should be proficient with skating and/or classic skiing. Instruction is highly individualized, so a skier may focus on one technique. Participants should be able to ski for 45 minutes continuously on varied terrain.

Adult Biathlon Recreational Program (Winter)

FOCUS: Learn to shoot a 22 caliber rifle on biathlon targets and get fitness too!
The program runs for 4 consecutive Monday evenings in January.

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