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Biathlon Bears Programs

Polar Bears

Winter Only
FOCUS: Introduction to Biathlon
Biathlon 22 calibre rifle program for ages 9 to 10 with a focus on biathlon skill development and fun. This program runs in the winter only and must be taken simultaneously with the Intro to Track Attack, Track Attack or Jackrabbit cross country ski programs.
***** The Polar Bears program registration is not open at this time. We will open the registration in late November (pending Covid-19 protocol).

Grizzly Bears

Fall & Winter
FOCUS: Biathlon Air Rifle and Racing Skill Development
Biathlon .22 calibre rifle program for ages 10 to 11 with a focus on biathlon racing skill development. This program runs in through the fall and winter and must be taken simultaneously with the Track Attack ski program. 

Youth Racing – Biathlon – Train to Train

TT Biathlon Program

Fall & Winter
FOCUS: Biathlon .22 rifle skill and race development.
Biathlon .22 calibre rifle program for 12 and 13 year olds with a focus on .22 rifle ski development, ski and racing techniques.  There is a mandatory joint participation with the Track Attack, Train to Train 1 or 2 cross country ski programs. The focus of the Train to Train program is the continued development of overall fitness and ski specific skills of children age 12-13, who have completed the Track Attack (TA) program or similar level. This stage is the window of optimal trainability for aerobic training. Developing sound technique is again a major component at this stage.

Athletes will have the opportunity to participate in biathlon races (2 local races and 1-2 away races), as well as have opportunities to race in Cross Country.

Train to Train 1:
12 year olds: Program runs from September to March. There are 3 sessions per week on average (skiing and shooting).

Train to Train 2:
13 year olds: Two sessions in the spring months, light program in the summer (1 session per week); full program in the fall (3 sessions per week on average, skiing and shooting).

Junior Racing – Biathlon – Learn to Compete

Focus: Training and racing

A complete year-round training and racing biathlon program for athletes aged 14 and older who have completed the Train to Train program or reached a comparable level of skiing and training. The program provides biathletes the opportunity to develop their skiing and shooting skills with physical conditioning, shooting education and proper skiing techniques. This program provides skiers the opportunity to develop their physical conditioning, skiing technique, (biathlon shooting) in a training and racing environment.

Adult Biathlon Recreational Program

FOCUS: Learn to shoot a 22 caliber rifle on biathlon targets and get fitness too!
The program runs for 4 consecutive Monday evenings.


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