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Team R.A.D. stands for Real Athletic Development. The program operates year-round for cross country skiers, and now as well for biathletes, that are in the Learn to Compete and Train to Compete stage of development. The objective of the program is to provide top quality training and racing opportunities specific to athletes in this stage of development with the goal that these athletes will progress to a Cross Country Canada / Biathlon Canada National Team. Athletes accepted in this program will be highly driven and committed to achieving a high level of performance.


The Team R.A.D. program started in May 2016 with a cross country program. The program delivered excellent results in it’s initial year by qualifying 3 athletes on National Ski Team programs – Ty Godfrey and Reed Godfrey at the World Junior Championships and Russell Kennedy at the Norway and Canada World Cups. Several medals were won on the NORAM series and at the US Junior Nationals.

The Canmore Nordic Ski Club (CNSC) is a collaborative partner with Team R.A.D. in the delivery of the program.  CNSC has been operating for more than 27 years and currently has over 600 members. It offers a full range of programs aligned with the Long Term Athlete Development Plan and Sport for Life model.  The role of CNSC in this program is to provide organizational, planning and coaching expertise in the development and delivery of the program.  In addition, Team R.A.D. shares various CNSC resources such as waxing facilities, waxing personnel, waxing equipment/products and office. Members of Team R.A.D. are not expected to race for the Canmore Nordic Ski Club. 


The program has four key components:

  • high quality coaching specific to junior and early senior level to maximize performance and potential for success later as older senior skier/biathlete;
  • constant monitoring using state of the art technology;
  • personalized mental training;
  • national and international racing experience


Maximum team size is planned to be 10-12 athletes with ideally an even gender split between male and female.

Partial Membership in Team R.A.D.

When possible, additional athletes could join Team R.A.D. for parts of the year (i.e training camps, summer months, race trips, etc …). Fees will then be prorated. Athletes accepted in the partial program must be compatible with Team R.A.D. objectives and the full-time athletes enrolled in the program.

Coaching & Support Staff – as of mid-March 2017

Head Coach – Alain Parent

  • Certified at Level 4 in the National Coaching Certification Program
  • Bachelor of Science – Kinesiology
  • National Junior Cross Country Ski Team coach for 8 years
  • Canadian Team Leader at 8 World Junior Cross Country Ski Championships
  • Coach at the 2002 Winter Olympics
  • Wax technician at 4 World Championships
  • Head Coach Team R.A.D. (2016-17)

Biathlon Coach – Rachel Koroscil

  • Bachelor of Physical Education and Bachelor of Education
  • Competition Development Certified coach in biathlon
  • Completed 1 year of 2 of Advanced Coaching Diploma
  • Completed Apprenticeship program with Biathlon Canada in 2015
  • Has coached with Biathlon Canada and Biathlon Alberta Training Centre
  • Assistant coach at IBU Cup in Canmore 2015, World Youth/Junior Championships in Romania 2016, World Cup in Canmore, 2016, and World Championships in Hochfilzen, Austria 2017
  • Has coached for 7 years, past two years with Canmore Nordic Ski Club

Strength Coach – Allison McArdle

  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Sports Coaching
  • Graduate Diploma of Education: Secondary Physical Education, Secondary Health Education
  • Level 2 Cross Country skiing – Ski & Snowboard Australia
  • Level 1 Strength & Conditioning – Australian Strength & Conditioning Association
  • Fascia & Foam Roller certification
  • Head Coach, Victoria Junior Ski Team (Australia)
  • Team Manager, Australian Junior/U23 Nordic Junior Ski Championships (Liberec, Czech.)
  • Wax Technician, Australian World Cup Team – Ski Tour of Canada
  • Train to Train Lead Coach, Canmore Nordic Ski Club
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach, Team R.A.D. (2016-17)

Guest coach – Justin Wadsworth

  • National Ski team coach for Canada, 2010-2016

Sport Psychology – John Coleman

  • Sport psychology consultant with Canadian National Biathlon Team
  • Sport psychologist with the Canadian Cross Country and Biathlon Para Team
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Wonder and the possibilities of human performance
  • Sport psychologist with Team R.A.D. (2016-17)

Physiotherapy – Hugh Simson

  • Masters Degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Vermont
  • Special interest in Active Release Techniques in the treatment of back, hip, knee, foot, and shoulder injuries
  • Owner OneWellness Physiotherapy

We are continuously looking for specialists to get involved in order to make our team even better.

Draft Training Calendar

The program runs from early May to late March.  Athletes that join Team R.A.D. during the year in which they finish high school will also start the program in early May although full time training in Canmore may be delayed until the school semester is finished.  The training season will include 5 or 6 training camps around and away from Canmore. Draft training camp schedule below:

Date Training
May 1, 2017 Program start date; training sessions begin
May 2017 Camp #1- Late snow camp
July 2017 Camp #2: Kaslo, BC
July 2017 Camp #3: Haig Glacier
August 2017 Camp #4: Nipika Mountain Resort
September 2017 Camp #5: British Columbia

Draft Racing Calendar

Team R.A.D. athletes participates in most NorAm Race Series. The Alberta Cup Series (Cross Country) or Calforex Cups (Biathlon) is often attended in order to practice racing skills. The 2018 Ski Nationals in Thunder Bay, ON and Biathlon Nationals in Charlo, NB will also be attended.

We are planning an international tour for 2017-18. Location TBD.

Dates CROSS COUNTRY – Location, Event BIATHLON – Location, Event
December Canmore, AB Cup IBU/WC Frozen Thunder Selection Trials
Sovereign Lake, NORAM NorAm/Calforex Cup #1
Rossland, NORAM Mini Tour Calforex Cup #2
Early January Mount Ste Anne, Qc World Junior / U23 Trials TBD, World Youth and Junior Trials
Late January Red Deer, AB, Western Canadians NorAm?
February Gatineau, Eastern Canadians Western Canadian Championships
March Thunder Bay, Nationals Charlo, Nationals
End of March Scandinavia, International Tour ??

The Team R.A.D. race schedule is flexible to accommodate individual athlete’s goals and schedules.


Training mostly takes place at the Canmore Nordic Centre and at other outdoor locations in and around the Bow Valley.  Team R.A.D. has access to the CNSC Team Room at the Canmore Nordic Centre.  Strength and conditioning training is at the Bill Warren Training Centre.

Program Fees

Program fees are $4500

Program fees include:

  • All coaching in training and races
  • Access to BWTC gym
  • Functional Screening Assessment and retest
  • Personalized training program
  • Personalized and group mental training
  • Use of personal, state of the art monitoring technology
  • Ski fleet testing

Not included in the program fees:

  • Races and camps: travel, accommodation, food
  • Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park annual pass
  • Ground transportation to training
  • Ski equipment
  • CCC and FIS licenses
  • Team R.A.D race and warm up suit
  • Waxing cost at races (approximately $400/yr)
  • Race entry Fees
  • Additional biathlon specific requirements:
  • Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park range pass
  • Ammunition
  • Rifle and shooting equipment
  • Biathlon Alberta/Canada Memberships

Community Integration and Support

It is recognized that athletes participating in Team R.A.D. may be living away from home for the first time.  We endeavor to find local families to billet athletes if they are interested in this option.

Application Process, Deadline and Additional Information

Athletes interested in applying to Team R.A.D. or getting more information need to complete the Athlete Application Form and submit it by e-mail to Alain Parent at We would like to name our team by May 1st, 2017, but we could accept more athletes after that date if there is room in the program.

TEAM R.A.D. Athlete Application Form

E-mail address:
Phone #:
Sport: Cross Country                 Biathlon
Date of Birth:
Education Status:

Why are you wanting to join Team R.A.D.?


What are your short-term goals for cross country skiing or biathlon?


What are your long-term goals for cross country skiing or biathlon?

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