Haywood NorAm World Junior U23 Trial

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Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park
Canmore, Alberta

Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge

World Junior Trials – Dec 12 – 16, 2018
Date  Format  Distance  Course
Wednesday, Dec 12  Official Training  All courses
Thursday, Dec 13  Classic sprint  1.4k  1.4km
Friday, Dec 14  Official Training  Distance courses
Saturday, Dec 15  Interval Start Free  2.5k, 5k, 10k, 15K  2.5k and 3k
Sunday, Dec 16  Mass start Classic  6k, 15k and 30K  3k, 3.3k, 4k





Registration and fee payment is online https://zone4.ca/reg.asp?id=19819. Coaches register with no fee. Up to date information will be shared with coaches via Zone 4 so coaches MUST register. If you experience any difficulties or have questions about registration please contact the Competition Secretary at competitionsecretary@canmorenordic.com

Regular deadline has been extended to Monday, December 10, 2018 at 23:59MST.
Due to the short notice for this event, the late entry additional fees of $10 per race have been eliminated.

After registration closes, entries will only be accepted at the jury’s discretion and will incur an additional $50 fee per race. Late entrants will not be seeded.

A refund of individual registration fees will only be considered for medical reasons and if the competition secretary receives notification, WITH medical documentation, prior to the registration deadline of December 10, 2018.


Saturday Distances, December 14

Saturday December 15 – Distances
Category Distance Laps
 Midget B/G  2.5km  1 x 2.5km
 Juvenile  5km  2 x 2.5km
 Junior B/G  5km  2 x 2.5km
 Junior Men  10km  3 x 3.3km
 Junior Women  5km  2 x 2.5km
 Senior Women  10km  3 x 3.3km
 Senior Men  15km  4 x 3.3km

Due to limited course selection, some distances will not be exact


Sunday December 16 – Classic Distances
Category Distance Laps Actual Distance
Juvenile 6km 2 x 3k
Junior B/G 6km 2 x 3k
Senior Women 15km 4 x 3.3k 14.24 km
Junior Women 15km 4 x 3.3k 14.24 km
Junior Men 30km 7 x 4k 29.74km
Senior Men 30km 7 x 4k 29.74km

Due to limited course selection, some distances will not be exact

Race Office : Located at the Biathlon Building  

Race Office Hours :

The event race office will be in the Biathlon building.  Hours are as follows:

  • Tuesday 12PM-4PM
  • Wednesday 9AM-4PM
  • Thursday 8:00AM-4PM
  • Friday 9AM-2PM
  • Saturday 8:00AM-4PM
  • Sunday 8:00AM-4PM


Bibs for each day of racing will be distributed from the Race Office.
Bib pick up will be by Club or Team – please carefully specify your preference upon registration

Competition Secretary – Jeanie Godfrey

Weather Conditions;

Trail Conditions


Chief of Competition:               Jim Hendry jwhendry@shaw.ca 403.688-6803
Chief of Course:                        Mike Norton
Chief of Stadium:                      Greg Manktelow
Chief of Timing:                        Cindy Low
Chief of Start:                           Greg Thompson/Patrick Fricker
Chief of First Aid:                      Wendy McGregor
Chief of Competition Control:  John Reeves
Competition Secretary:            Jeanie Godfrey competitionsecretary@canmorenordic.com
Technical Delegate:                  John Aalberg kjaalberg@aol.com
Assistant Technical Delegate: Jeff Ellis jeff.ellis418@gmail.com
CCC Race Director:                   Dave Dyer

All competitors skiing in Juvenile, Junior and Open categories must have at least one of the following licenses:

  • CCC Racing License
  • FIS License
  • Other National Ski License
  • CCC Supporting Day Member License (CDML)  (can be purchased with on-line registration)

For more information you can visit the Cross Country Canada web site:  www.cccski.com/Events/License-Applications.


The Jury members are the Technical Delegate – who is the chair of the jury, the Chief of Competition, the CCC Race Director, and the Assistant Technical Delegate.  At the discretion of the Jury, other experts may be invited to attend Jury Meetings as observers. Observers do not have a vote in Jury decisions.

The current Canada Points List (CPL) for both distance and sprint competitions will be used.

Foreign skiers will be seeded as determined by the Jury with reference to the competitors CPL or FIS points.  In the rare instance a foreign skier has no FIS or CPL ranking, the Jury will use its discretion in seeding the skier.

For all categories, bibs will be assigned by distance CPL.

CCC License holders without CPL ranking will be assigned to a group and randomized.  Skiers with day license will be assigned to a further separate group and randomized. Starting order for the groups is as per Rule 333.3.1, unless changed by the Jury.

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