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    Matt DeCarufel

    Great racing out there today team!  Lots of learning to be had racing 3 rounds of heats on a narrow, twisty course. Be sure you have thought about your race to learn from the experience and improve for next time.

    The final Alberta Cup race of the season has arrived! Skate mass start.

    Remember, these races don’t just happen but take an army of volunteers to organize and run. Take 10 seconds tomorrow to thank a volunteer with a heartfelt thank you.  If not for them, we could not be here this weekend racing.

    Weather for tomorrow is a low of -10 with a temp around -2 at race time. Mainly sunny and calm. Beautiful day for racing!  Don’t forget your sun glasses and sunscreen.

    Check Zone4 for your start time.

    Arrive at the Canmore Nordic tent 1 hour before your start time to drop off your race skis and collect your bib.  We will get out and test a few waxes, and if something is better we will apply that to your skis.  If CH6/ Ulla Purple-Black is best, we will just buff your skis.

    The double pole zone will be approximately 30M to start your race.  Set yourself up well in your start position (like a sprint heat start) to have a good reaction time to the start gun (Just like we practiced on Monday).

    Awards at the end of the day when all racing is completed.

    Your race will likely start quickly being a mass start, so be sure you have warmed up appropriately.  Warm up trails are located in the same place as today, West of the parking lot/ waxing area.

    Remember to focus on good glide in your skiing to ski the flats as fast yet efficiently as possible.  This will be the key point to stick with the leaders or gap the field.  The final climb into the finish is a good one, but will be over before you know it. Don’t be afraid to go DEEP in the pain cave for this hill after pushing the rest of the course hard.  Let’s get out there and leave everything out on the course.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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