AB Cup #3

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    Sara Renner

    AB Cup #3- Skate Sprint

    Weather: Low -5 High +3. Sunny w/ moderate wind

    Race format:

    Qualifier for everyone (15 sec interval start). Heats for U12 only.

    Heats will start every minute (over 140 heats for the day!). The U12 will be doing heats and the U10 will be doing only the skill course in the am. U12 be sure you are early for the posted time of your heat and paying attention to the chief of start. Heat brackets posted on the bottom of the AB Cup zone4 page https://zone4.ca/event/2023/472198A4/

    Keep your bib all day (Qualifier & Heats). Hand in your chip at the finish of your qualifier.

    10:05 – U12 Boys Qualifier
    10:12 – U12 Girls Qualifier
    10:45 – U10/U8 Boys and Girls skills course

    2:00-3:30 – U12/U14 boys and girls. ~30 min between each heat

    3:45 U12/U14 (or end of day)

    With such a long break between your qualifier and heats, I recommend the U12 head home (or to a friend’s house) to relax.

    Check in at the teamroom 1 hour before your start to collect your bib. Race skis will be on the wall outside when they are ready.

    U12 Boys- Meet at the teamroom at 9:00 for the team warm up with Michel
    U12 Girls- Meet at the teamroom at 9:15 for team warm up with Rachel
    U10 Girls and boys- Meet at the teamroom at 9:45 for the team warm up with Hugh Simpson.

    For the heats: Everyone meet at the teamroom at 1:15 to warm up again. Be sure you still have your bib!

    Be sure to drop off your classic race skis in the teamroom at the end of the day before you go home.

    Have fun, pole straps on, be yourself but more so!

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