AB Cup #4- Classic Mass Start

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    Matt DeCarufel

    Good racing out there today team.  Many great rounds and lots learned throughout the day.  Keep that power going into tomorrow!

    Weather: Low -6 and about -3 at race time, light wind, partly cloudy.

    Course Details:
    U18 M/F – 10.5km (3 LAPS Red 3.5KM)
    U20/OPEN M/F –
    14.0km (4 LAPS Red 3.5KM)
    U16 M/F – 6km (3 LAPS Blue 2km)
    5 Tracks for the mass start, 3 tracks set around the remainder of the course.
    Technique zone is on the last hill ~20M long. Don’t double pole in it.
    Course closes at 8:50. The Lillehammer hill (first hill on Frozen Thunder) is a great place to test wax after the course is closed).

    Start times are on Zone4.  Note that males start first, then the females shortly after (5 min or 2 min). The starters will load the whole grid with the males in the front, then the females behind. Start the males, females ski forward 20 M to your start tag, and start on the command.

    It will be busy with many athletes all there at the same time, so ensure you arrive at the start 10 minutes before to collect your chip.

    Race skis will be ready 30 min before your start. Usual protocol, on the wall outside the teamroom. Come back to see us in the wax room if you need a touch up.

    Finally, Arrive 1hr 15 min before your start to collect your bib and wax your warm up skis.  Most likely rode multi grade violet, but bring straight violet too.

    10:45 for U18 and older
    12:30 for U16/U14/U12

    Let’s get out there and have some fun on our home trails!

    For the U18 and older:
    Your mass start is combined with everyone racing the 3.5km course.  Some are racing 2 laps, some racing 3 laps, some racing 4 laps. It is your responsibility to count your laps and finish appropriately.  The course is sufficiently wide with 3 tracks that you should be able to make an attack on your final lap when others have 1 lap to go and might not be ready to go as fast.  We can talk more in the morning if you have questions.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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