AB Cups 3 & 4 (Jan 20-21)

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    Stuart Harden

    Hey team,

    A quick note on BVRS: as you know, there is a BVRS king’s court skate sprint on Friday. Registration can be found on the same webpage as linked below–you have until Thursday night to register. No need to find a team–this is a solo sprint.

    AB Cups preliminary info

    You’ve all already seen the updated event website here, where you can still find a very rough schedule and of course the race notice.

    Race courses and number of loops can be found here.

    U16 will receive medals for the top three finishers in each year of birth, U18 top three finishers in the entire category.

    Don’t forget to thank a volunteer this weekend. They all worked very hard over the past two weeks to make sure you had this chance to race in spite of the cold weather cancellation!

    Saturday classic mass start

    Ski drop off: Skis must be thoroughly cleaned (would you rub it on your face? If not, keep cleaning!) and have the skier’s name, category, and kick zones clearly marked. Skis can be dropped off in the team room on Friday from 5:00-8:00pm. There will be a ski rack inside the door.

    Saturday classic glide recommendation: Swix CH/PS6 or Ulla purple-black.

    Start list is up: https://zone4.ca/race/2024-01-20/02dc6c76/startlist

    There has been a change to your course for tomorrow. You finish up the regular Olympic hill instead of the middle Centennial hill. See my doodle:

    Some of the courses were marked incorrectly today, but it sounds like except for the change above the 3.3 was fine. Note the course is supposed to close at 8:30 for the para start time.

    Arrive at the team room 1.5-2hrs before your start for a recommendation on grip wax for your warmup skis (likely multigrade or violet–bring those or something similar). Your race skis will be ready to test 30min prior to start. You can test your kick on the Lillehammer hill (Frozen Thunder west loop).

    You will access the start grid by crossing the lap lane–a volunteer will be there to tell you when you can cross in case other racers are still on course. The grid will start to 5 lanes, then go down to 4 in the scramble zone before the first hill, then down to three after crossing the bridge at the top of the first hill.

    Note the small 2 or 4 minute gap between the start of the boys’ and girls’ categories. Make sure to show up to the start with enough time to get your transponders and find your start spot–girls they will be getting you in position around the same time as the boys, then just shift you up to the start line in the last few minutes before your start. You will get leg numbers with your bib, but only the last two digits of your bib number. Leg numbers go on the outside of your left calf.

    It’s a classic race, so no skating! They’ll be watching for technique violations.

    There will be awards around noon–with serious draw prizes, apparently!

    Sunday skate mass start

    Ski drop off: Following your race on Saturday or 1.5 hours before your start on Sunday.

    Sunday skate glide recommendation: CH/PS6 or Ulla red

    Great fighting out on the course today. Lots of lessons to be learned by skiing that steep hill–we’ll be doing more work there in the coming weeks.

    Make sure you drop your race skis at the team room 1.5 hours before your start.

    Note that both U16 and U18 are doing 2x the 2.5km course tomorrow. The course will close at 8:55. Your race skis will be ready for pickup from the team room 15 minutes before your start.

    See you out there!

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