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    Hey Team:

    ABWG this week (Cadet PRO’s too)

    Warm-up combo with sprints and strength maint. for both groups. We will take some time to organize some rifle cases as well… remember, you all need one.

    TT2’s have a workout to start, please arrive as early as possible so yourdone your hour or so around 5:45pm (Z1 classic combo). ALL ABWG athletes must show up for a 5:45 team meeting and afterwards we will finish packing/organizing rifles and waxing race skis for the first race. DO NOT miss this meeting and have your ABWG package with you!

    10:00am bus leaves from the Info Centre

    Friday-sunday: ABWG or Cadet PRO’s

    Its an exciting week! See you all Tuesday 😛

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