Air Quality and Training Guidelines

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    Matt DeCarufel

    Air Quality Guidelines/Training in the Smoke:

    Your lung health is very important as an endurance athlete, so we want to be sure to keep them in the best shape possible. Below are the guidelines from Nordiq Alberta regarding Air Quality and activity (full PDF on their website).  We coaches recommend using the “at risk population” section of the table to be conservative and keep your lungs in the best shape possible.  We will adjust team training as needed with updates to the forum, but simply put following the Canadian AQHI:
    1-3: Training as normal
    4-6: No intensity outside.  If outdoor training, keep it under 2hr
    7+: Move training indoors with air filtration

    Purple air has the best sensors for our local area. Adjust the settings to Canadaian AQHI, and use your judgement to find the average of all the stations available.
    Link here:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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