August 12-18

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    Matt DeCarufel

    Hello Team,

    Well done out there on the backpacking trip. Those were quality long days of hiking building a great zone 1 training base. A quick week of training before we head off on the next training camp: The Haig or The Bow Valley Camp. If you have any questions about the camps, now is the time to ask.

    Monday(12) LC/T3 9am-11am: Run, Strength Test, and Strength. Meet at the Team Room.

    Tuesday(13) LC/T3/T2 9am-11am: Final Stage of the AMAZING RACE- Forest Adventures. Meet at the Team Room. Pick up at Quarry Lake.

    Wednesday(14) LC 9am-11am: Classic Rollerski/ Double Pole with sprints on the 1A. Start and Finish at Vermillion Lakes Road.

    Thursday(15) LC/T3/T2 10am-12pm: Skate Rollerski Zone 4 intensity. Meet at the Team Room

    See you soon

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