August 7-13

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    Matt DeCarufel

    Hello U16/U18,

    Hopefully you all had a fun and restful Heritage Day long weekend and the energy is back up to normal after our July camps.  Remember, the Fall Kimberley Camp sign up deadline is August 15, so be sure jump on the spreadsheet and mark a YES if you plan to attend. Link here:

    While nordic skiing is an individual sport, coming together as a team and working with other clubs is a great opportunity to improve and build our sporting community.  Canmore Nordic and Foothills Nordic have the goal this year to come together for a joint session every few months to help foster these connections.  This week we will be joining Foothills’ Session on Saturday for a run/hike up Ribbon Creek (more details below).

    Training this week:

    Monday(7) No team training, happy Heritage Day.

    Multi-Primo-TTS Dev
    9:00-11:00 Skate Rollerski technique and sprints. Meet in front of the BWTC.

    Multi-Primo-TTS Dev
    9:00-10:30 Classic Rollerski intensity (Low Bulls Eye/Z5). Meet in front of the BWTC.

    TTS Dev
    5:00-6:00  Strength with Chelsea

    Multi-Primo-TTS Dev
    8:00-1:00 Classic Rollerski and Run Adventure!
    Today we will head to Banff National Park for our Thursday Adventure Series. We will start with a Classic Rollerski from the start of the 1A, along the Legacy Trail/Vermilion Lakes, then up to Mt Norquay Parking Lot(12.5KM). At the Norquay parking lot we will switch to running gear and run out 40 mile Creek to Edith Pass (12.5KM) or older athletes will continue up to Cory Pass (17.5KM). We will all finish at the Cory Pass Trailhead, best estimate at 1pm.

    Logsitics: The road down from the Cory Pass Trailhead to the start of the 1A (just 1km) has some sharp corners, gravel, and stop signs at the bottom of steep hills. If you are driving yourself, arrive early to walk back down the road or organize a short shuttle in the morning to drop your car at the trail head and get back to the start of the 1A.

    At the start of the day load your running shoes and running vest/sm pack with 2L water, bars, rain jacket into Matt’s car. You will start rollerskiing with your drink belts. At the transition, put rollerski equipment into the car and take your running gear.  Rollerski equpment can be picked up at the base of Norquay Road on your way home (about 1:30) or at the teamroom on Monday 14th.

    Link to offsite safety plan here:

    Multi-Primo-TTS Dev
    9:30-1:00 Run/Hike out to Ribbon Falls with Foothills Nordic.  Pack 2L water, 3 bars, rain jacket. Meet at Ribbon Falls Trailhead. Parking can be busy so leave a little extra time in case you need to park father down the road/ in the overflow lot.

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