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    Alain Parent

    Hello CNSC members –

    We will be firing up our ski hot box this fall. This “ski oven” uses gentle radiant heat to evenly and safely warm skis for maximum wax saturation. As you might know, it is essential to wax your skis often to help make them fast (especially new ones). One hot box treatment equals about 10-15 hand applications.

    How it works: You apply a layer of the club’s special hot box wax (preferable as the melting point is a low 56 celcius) or a soft yellow wax and deliver them to the CNSC team room. The skis spend 12 hours in the hot box at 49 degree celcius. You picked them up the next day. You only need to apply 2 layers of blue glide wax afterwards to finalize the process.

    Cost : $20 per pair
    IMPORTANT: Please bring a cheque (made to CNSC) or exact cash when dropping off the skis

    We will run the ski hot box on the following days:
    • Thursday, November 10
    • Tuesday, November 15
    • Wednesday, November 23
    • Thursday, November 24
    • Wednesday, November 30

    Drop off your skis at the team room on the Wednesday between 6:15-6:30pm – show up 20 minutes early if you want to apply a layer of the club’s hot box wax – see application details on the sheet taped to the table. Pick your skis up the next day (in the brown ski rack at the back of the team room) between 4:30-6:30pm.

    – We can only fit 16 pairs of skis at a time in the hot box. Please do not register on a doodle column that has 16 names already.
    – Please keep your ski straps! We will tape the skis together when we take them out of the hot box.
    – Please make sure your name appears on your skis.
    – Show up 20 minutes early if you want to use the club’s hot box wax
    – Enter your name twice on the doodle (or more) if you have more than 1 pair of skis for the hot box

    Enter your name twice (or more) on the doodle if you have more than 1 pair of skis

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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