December 12-18 *Updated 11:55 Saturday*

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    Matt DeCarufel

    Hello U14s,

    It has been a jam packed 3 weeks, with 1 more weekend to go for the Biathletes with Calforex Cup #2 coming up.  Whenever you have a race, it is good to do a little debrief afterword (great to do on your cool down). Stu and I were able to chat with many of you, but be sure to analyze what went well in your race and what you can improve for next time.  This is especially important to do with yourself, but we coaches always like talking with you.

    With so much activity lately, it is important to focus on your rest and recovery to have the energy to race your best.  If you are especially tired, try to get to bed about 30 minutes earlier for 3 nights in a row to get quality sleep to help your energy come back.

    About 75% of the skis that came through the teamroom this weekend needed some extra work (especially brushing). Be sure when you deliver skis for a race they are scraped well (no more wax coming up when you scrape), then a good aggressive brush until wax is not coming up any more- ideally a bit shiny.  As well, classic skis should be clean and sanded- no base binder.  We test a number of binders when needed and will apply them.  When the wax team has to put an extra couple of minutes into each ski, and we are waxing 82 pairs of skis on a weekend, the extra unexpected work makes skis not ready in time.

    Graeme Williams took many amazing photos last weekend, but does not post the U14 and younger shots to social media.  If you would like a photo from the weekend, you can email him directly (spaces to reduce spamers catching his email)  graemejw <at>

    Training this week:

    Monday(12)- No training as noted on last week’s post

    Tuesday(13) Classic Ski @ CNC
    5:00-6:30 Tonight we will work on striding and techniques for when your skis are a bit slippery. Follow the waxing guide for kick waxing.  Meet at the XC Stadium.

    Thursday(15) Biathlon @ CNC
    4:45-6:15 Biathlon training

    Saturday(17) Calforex Cup OR CLASSIC Ski @ CNC
    1:00-2:00 Classic ski for those not racing in the Calforex cup. Meet at the XC Stadium.  Tail gunner sign up HERE  There is a big cold front forecasted to move into the valley today. Check the weather and dress appropriately.  Matt will be out training with the U16/U18 from 9am-noon, but will update the forum in the morning, and then again at 12:15 if there is a change to the session. Remember, our cold weather cut off is -20C.

    7:15am Update: The hourly forecasts show we should just get our session completed before it gets too cold. This will likely be our last ski until after Christmas.  Dress warmly, and we will be skiing in the small, treed trails. Meet at the XC Stadium at 1pm sharp.  We will not stand around in the open windy areas for more than a few minutes. We will head out to the Tear Drop and onto Bow Trail.

    11:55am Update: It is cold, but manageable in the trees with some wind protection. Session shortened to just 1 hour.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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