Feb 18-24th

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    Hey Team:

    Hopefully most of you are healthy still, the ABWG can take a lot out of you so make sure you rest well and take care of yourself. Everyone gave great effort in their races and were great ambassadors for Zone 2. From what I hear, we also totally represented at the dance!

    Tuesday: Z1 combo with sprints into the range for all, some one shot set-up work as well (working on consistent positions/shot groupings). Expect to still be at practice till around 6:30pm

    Wednesday (TT2’s): Z1 Classic combo

    Thursday: Practice at 9:00am. Please arrive a early so your ready to go by 9:00am. Warm-up combo and strength in BWTC

    Saturday: Cookie race, please register asap. TT2’s should do the 15km (at the most) race in Z3 (no higher!). TT1 can choose their distance and choose whether they “Tour” or “Race”. If your not sure what to register in, ask me for advice on tuesday. This will be a big club event, from Jackrabbit up, so please make a good effort to come participate.

    ** PLEASE REGISTER: Western Canadian and AB Championships, Camrose March 2-3. Registration is now open at http://www.zone4.ca/onlinereg.asp?id=1673. We will be a pretty big group as many of the Biathlon Bears will be coming too. It’ll also be a good race to go to if you want to see me strap on the skis and rifle and suffer my way through a race 😯

    See you Tuesday

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