Feb 26- March 18 *Updated Friday 5:15pm*

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    Matt DeCarufel

    Hello Team,

    Great work over the family week putting a lot of solid hours on your skis!  AWG crew, awesome work up north racing your best. Those were both great training/racing loads to set you up for the rest of the season.  We are entering the second half of the “peak” to set you up for XC Naionals which is the taper phase. Training sessions will be shorter with more focus on speed. Do your best to get yourself to bed on average 30 min earlier for the week leading up to our departure.  That little bit of extra sleep will help with the taper phase and your energy should be topped up when we head out East.

    Information for Nationals should all be covered in the Trip doc and https://skinationals2024.ca/ Be sure you have registered for all your races before the Feb 29 deadline.  You can send questions to Matt, but we will do an optional Q & A on Thursday(29) after training.  Rooming list and Team Sprint pairings will be shared by the end of the week.

    Team training for the next 3 weeks:

    4:45-6:45 Strength and Skate Skiing. U18 ski first, U16 Gym first.

    4:45-6:00 Classic Distance. Warm up OYO and meet at 5pm in the XC Stadium.

    4:45-6:15 Skate intensity (Z7- 30/30s). Warm up OYO and meet at 5pm in the XC Stadium.

    Optional Nationals Q & A after training tonight. Outside.

    10:00-12:00 Due to the Spray Lakes road closure, update to Skate Distance at CNC. Meet in the XC stadium.  We will go ski a bunch of the natural snow trails. Pack a bar to eat at the 1hr mark.

    4:45-6:00 Classic ski- Skiing only, no gym today. Multi invited to Monday as it’s the only team session this week.

    Wednesday(6) No team training. Get out for a 30 min jog and pack for nationals.

    Thursday(7)- Saturday(16): XC Nationals

    Monday(18) No team training

    “Small and consistent steps taken regularly over time lead to big gains. Pick your goals accordingly. You spend a minute on top of the mountain but hundreds of hours on its sides.” Brad Stulberg

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