Thursday, Feb 9

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    Sara Renner

    Great job to all the best efforts this weekend in Kimberely. It was inspiring to see the skills we learn each evening together, put into action- P
    particularly team spirit and determination. You nailed it! Please thank your parents driving you to the races and making it happen. Monday, February 6 is off. Deserved!

    February 9

    Alberta Youth Champs: March 4 and 5. Bragg Creek.
    Registration for Alberta Youth Champs is open and this event sells out quickly. This is for athletes born in 2012, 2011. Accommodation and food services at Easter Seals Camp Horizon are included in registration. Parents are required to transport kids to the races and back to the camp.

    There will be no track attack Feb 20, Feb 23, March 6. Last session of track attack is March 16

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