February 12-18 *Updated Wednesday Feb 14*

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    Matt DeCarufel

    What an amazing 4 days of World Cup Racing! We are so lucky to get to watch the best racers in the world out on our home trails.  Let’s bring that stoke into the rest of our season.

    Looking forward here are a few updates:

    Alberta Winter Games Athletes: Have a great race weekend up in Grand Prairie.  Note that you will not have team training Thursday so you balance training and racing.  As well, your training during family week will be adjusted due to the event and need to balance racing/ training/ recovery.

    Cookie Race: Due to the high cost of the cookie race entry fee, longer distance than is ideal for development, and poor conditions down in PLPP, we coaches recommend you do not do this event this year.

    Upcoming time trials: To help prepare for Nationals we will have a Classic distance time trial on Saturday, Feb 24 and a Classic Sprint Simulation on Sunday Feb 25.  We will combine with Foothills and other clubs for these events. Both at CNC.

    Family Week: During family week we will run training in the mornings starting at 9am.  For the U18s/ non AWG athletes, this is an important volume block before heading to Nationals.  This added training is what creates the physiological adaptation of a Stimulus, Recovery, Adaptation to create your “Peak” for nationals.

    Training this week:

    Primo/TTS Dev
    4:45-6:45 Skate Sprints and Strength. We’ll change it up… U18 Ski first, U16 gym first

    4:45-6:15 Classic intensity- Bullseye focusing on double pole. Warm up OYO for 15 min and meet in the XC Stadium at 5PM.

    4:45- 6:45 Skate ski distance with speed.  Only those who are NOT going to AWG.  If you are going to race this weekend, rest. Warm up OYO for 15 min and meet in the XC Stadium at 5PM.  1 skate sprints tonight.

    Special event: Phil Villeneuvu, the Salomon rep, reached out and is offering a demo night tonight for our racers to try the latest Salomon equipment.  He will set up in the XC stadium by the National Team Wax rooms (SW corner). You can try out their new equipment for the last 45min of our session.  If you are not interested, no worries, we will wrap up with distance for that last part tonight.

    9:00-12:00 Classic distance at CNC.  Pack 2 bars in your drink belt.  Today is the start of our Volume block.

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