February 5-11

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    Matt DeCarufel

    Hello Team,

    Exciting week of World Cup racing coming at you! Everything you need to know about the WC is here: https://www.albertaworldcup.com/#

    During the world cup, parking will be quite restricted, but should open up after 3pm each day.  Generally starting on Wednesday parking will only be allowed in the first lot and down in the dirt lot near the HWY.  Everything past Trailsports will be off limits.

    Training this week:

    445-6:45 Strength and Classic ski with sprints. U18 Gym first, U16 ski first.

    445-615 Classic Distance with sprints

    130330 World Cup Dress rehearsal. Skate “time trial” on the 5km course. We will meet in the XC Stadium where we will meet with the FIS media team. You will receive a bib for the day. This is to dial in the race spotters, camera angles, pan speed, and focus. Rather than a consistent 5km as the last time I did this in 2016, it will likely be some stop and go along with repeating certain sections multiple times in groups.  Please wear your race suit and warm ups can be set in the staging area just like any race, you just might use the same hook as Cyr, Diggins, Svan or Klaebo.

    445-615 For those who can’t skip school for the afternoon, we will do a 5km skae time trial this evenign as well.  Bring your headlamp as it will be just on the edge of dark by the time we wrap up.

    Saturday(10) No team training, but connect with your teammates for a distance ski on your own once the racing is over.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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