Friday(16) Interval Start Classic Race

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    Matt DeCarufel

    Hello Team,

    Tomorrow is an individual start classic race. It is you racing against the clock tomorrow, so it is up to YOU to decide how hard you can push. You have been training well and are tuned up after a good week of intensity, so let’s get out and see how fast you can go.

    Start List on
    30 second intervals for tomorrow’s Classic Race
    9:50 AM course closes
    10:00 AM Junior Boy- 5km (2×2.5km loop)
    10:30 AM Junior Girl- 5km (2×2.5km loop)
    11:05 AM Juvenile Boy- 5km (2×2.5km loop)
    11:35 AM Juvenile Girl- 5km (2×2.5km loop)
    2.5km course map

    12:10 AM Midget Boy- 3.3km (1×3.3km loop)
    12:30 AM Midget Girl- 3.3km (1×3.3km loop)
    3.3km course map

    Arrive at the Nordic Centre 1hr 30min before your start. This way you have time to get a spot in the day lodge, change clothes, wax your warm up skis, get your bib, and start your warm up with a relaxed amount of time.

    Sit skiers will be racing on the Banff trail starting at 9:30. So please keep your eyes peeled when you are warming up.

    Awards planned for 2pm at the day lodge, but may be earlier. Listen to the PA system.

    You all have had some great training. Let’s show the west what Canmore Nordic can do tomorrow!

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