Glide wax recommendation for the Cookie Race

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    Alain Parent

    Information for the Cookie Race:
    – 15km start time is at 10:25am (mass start)
    – Bib pick up ends at 9:30am, consider the line up and 1km walk from your car.
    – I suggest leaving Canmore between 7:30-8:00am
    – Bring your signed waivers if you are under 18.
    – Start list is posted on

    It will be cold over night on Friday (-17) and warm up gradually on Saturday to -1. The snow will be cold on Saturday morning. Glide wax recommendation in priority order:
    1) Swix LF4
    2) Start Green
    3) Swix CH4
    4) Any other cold glider

    – Make sure your skis are clean, and put a Toko green base wax at home (thin and warm up with a heat gun).

    Wax your training skis with Rode Multigrade Violet if you are planning to warm up on those skis. We will do the race skis on-site – look for the coaches around Pocaterra hut.

    Bring extra clothes, a lunch

    See you Saturday!

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