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    Stuart Harden

    Hi Team,

    XC Westerns in now AB Cup 3&4 and has been postponed to Jan 20/21.
    Find all the info you need for the rescheduled races here: https://foothillsnordic.ca/2023-ab-cup-34/

    BVRS is going ahead on the 19th.  The second addition of the BVRS will be happening on Friday January 19th! This one will be hosted by Foothills, everyone is strongly encouraged to take part. More info can be found at this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LbFT7jSXfr0VYLK-rgGyj-P2f_2wiH8oYxRcKQJVNqE/

    The forecast calls for continuing cold temperatures this week. Even though it might not be minus 40, keep wearing toques, plenty of layers, and watch out for frostbite.

    I (Stu) will be away supporting a BATC European race tour from January 29 to February 20. I’ll still be in touch for those few weeks if you need anything. Mark, Caitlin, and Jakub will be leading the U16/18 biathlon sessions while I’m away; daily training questions can be directed to them.

    Training this week:

    Monday (15)
    4:45-6:45 Strength & Classic Ski. U18s in the gym first. Meet in the XC stadium.

    Wednesday (17)
    4:45-6:15 classic
    Join XC for classic ski–no shooting

    Thursday (18)
    No team training

    Friday (19)
    Bow Valley Race Series #2
    King’s court skate sprints! Everyone from U16 to Masters will compete in sprint heats starting at 7:00pm. Who knows…maybe you’ll get to race your coach…
    Make sure you arrive with enough time to complete a good warmup–racing is more fun when you’re prepared.
    Information can be found here, registration here (closes January 18 at midnight).

    Saturday/Sunday (20/21)
    AB Cup 3&4
    Updated race notices were sent out via email. If you have questions, please review the FNSC event webpage linked at the top of this post. Reach out to Stu if you have further questions or concerns.
    Check the XC forum closer to the event for more information on skis, schedules, and so much more. 

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