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    Hi Team, Hopefully you had a good weekend. How’d the OYO ski go with a teammate, adventure to any new locals?

    Tuesday 4:45-6:15 CLASSIC Clean up your classic skis and while you have them cleaned, add some glide wax to them. It will be warm this week so a soft wax (+3- (-3)) wax would be perfect. Apply a layer of klister to your skis. Look for one that works well in warm wet conditions, with wet snow, for temperatures above 0. Toko Orange, or Rode Rossa are good starting points.

    Wednesday 4:45-6:15 SKATE.

    Thursday 6:30pm There will be a ABWG meeting for all those that are going after TA tonight in the BWTC 6:30pm

    Saturday BCRR#3 Mass Start Classic. Registration is open on http://www.zone4.ca, deadline will be Friday at 12:00 MST. Race Details will be posted on thehttp://www.bcrr.ca early this week. Skis will need to be dropped of to the team room Friday or early Saturday morning.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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