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    Matt DeCarufel

    Hello team,

    Great racing on the weekend at the AB Cup!  We are just over 2 months away from nationals, so be sure you take a minute to reflect on your racing so far to either continue that momentum, or see what we need to adjust to improve.

    Note there are 2 deadlines coming up on the club sign up on Jan 10. Be sure you have updated your intentions.  Link here.

    The Edmonton AB Cup details will be shared via email soon.  Keep an eye on your inbox.

    Matt, Alain, and Rhonda are all traveling to Prince George, BC for the Nordiq Canada Selection trials supporting athletes trying to qualify for: 2023 FIS World Junior and U23 Nordic Ski Championship Teams, 2023 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships Team, and the COC Leader for Period 4.  We will be away from Jan 15-22, so that week’s team training will be just a little different, but just 1 session different than a typical race week.

    Training this week we will be starting the winter schedule:

    Primo– Gym Strength Only
    Since we have not been into the gym for over 2 weeks, we will break the usual routine of rest day after a race and hit the gym tonight.  If your energy is good, average, or just a little tired, do your best to attend. If you are exhausted, rest (as you always would).
    4:45-5:45 All females in the gym
    5:45-6:45 All males in the gym

    4:45-6:00 Z4 intensities in skating. Meet at the flags.

    4:45-6:45 Skate distance. Meet at the flags. We will venture off the lit loop so be sure your headlamp has a fresh charge/batteries!

    9:00-12:00 Classic distance at CNC.  Meet at the flags.
    Sand your kick zone with #120
    Important: Apply a regular layer thickness of Swix Universal klister, let it cool for 5-10min
    Softly cork 1 layer of Rode Violet kickwax on top of the klister

    4:45-6:45 – Gym strength + skate ski
    Women in gym first, men on skis meet at flags.

    5:00-6:15: Team session lead by athletes (no coaches there tonight):
    WORKOUT – in skating:

    • Meet at flag row at 500, warm up in Z2 on the light loop until 530
    • Meet in stadium at 530 for some head to head sprints. Rolling starts, 15sec long, 1 every 3min, 10 reps (15sec is about the length of the stadium)
    • Cool down on the light loop until 615.
    • Check in with Stu/Rachel on the range if something goes wrong

    No team training due to AB Cup this weekend, Check Training Peaks

    Friday(20)- Sunday(22)
    Edmonton AB Cup 5 & 6


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