June 5-11 **Updated Jun 10**

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    Mark Naylor

    Hello U14-2’s

    Next week’s planning is coming a little earlier than usual with extra details for our U14-2 Mini Camp on June 11-12.

    Thursday (9)

    5:30-6:30. Meeting outside the Bill Warren. We will be doing a combination of running and ski striding. Ski striding poles are optimally 10cm shorter than your classic pole length, if that length is unavailable to you your classic poles will suffice as well.


    We will be seeking 1-2 parent tail gunners for each day of our Mini Camp, if you are available and interested please sign up with the link here! Parent tail gunners must be club members for insurance, with a vulnerable sector check completed in the last 6 months. Vulnerable sector checks are valid up to 24 months. 

    Saturday (10) Mini Camp Day 1 – Ha’Ling Mountain hike

    Meet at the Ha’Ling Mountain Trailhead @7:50am. An early start to the day to try and beat the weekend rush. We will be hiking to summit, grabbing a great view and returning. Bring either a camelback or water belt, rain jacket (should the weather look questionable, better to bring and not use), as well as two bar sized snacks.

    Pickup @11:30 at the trailhead.


    Sunday (11) Mini Camp Day 2 – Cycle Highway 1A Old Goat Glacier Trail

    Meet at Fenlands Banff Recreation Centre parking lot @9:30am. We will be cycling the length of Highway 1A, be sure to bring 2 water bottles and a bar sized snack for each hour. A lunch for your drive home is recommended too as we will be finishing up after noon. Road bikes are not required, if using a mountain bike ensure the tires are pumped a little firmer before the start of the ride.

    With the higher chance of showers in Banff, we will shift our activity to a second hike.
    We will hike the Old Goat Glacier Trail, hopefully giving a little more tree coverage if it showers. In the event of thundershowers and lightning, we will turn back and be carrying an inReach to send out word to you by email to come for an early pick up. Expect that email to come from Monica O’Gorman (thanks Monica!).
    Please dress appropriately for the expected conditions, rain jacket mandatory. Bag some dry clothes to stash in coach/tailgunner cars at the trailhead should we need to return early and wait for return rides. Similar recommendation for snack and water, 1 bar per hour and full camelback or water belt. 
    Meeting Details:
    Meet at Old Goat Glacier Trailhead at 9:30am
    Pickup at 12:30pm
    Trailhead location:
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