June 8 – 14

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    Alain Parent

    Hello, I hope you are ready to return to “normal” training now. Here’s the plan for this week:

    Tue (9):
    AM: Z3, RS-CL, Silver Tip hill, meet at Sheraton at 9am, KDP and DP up, 3 X to top. 1.5hrs
    PM: Hike up Ha Ling. Meet at the base parking lot at 4:40pm. Look for Scott’s white truck. You will be done at 6:30-6:45pm today. Bring some poles for the way down.

    Thu (11):
    AM: Run the riverside trail to Banff. Meet at team room at 9am. Bring a drink tank as you will not have access to water on your way.
    PM: Meet at Sheraton at 4:30pm for Z3, RS-CL up Silver Tip hill. KDP and DP up, 2 or 3X to top. You will finish between 6:15pm and 6:30pm.

    Fri (12):
    Friday TC girl strength session at BWTC. All upper body so you have fresh legs for tomorrow’s running.

    Sat (13):
    Canmore Challenge (Colin + TC’s + TW’s): register online at zone4.ca and arrive 1.0 hr before your start (meet in team room). Deadline to register is June 10th
    LC’s (xc and biathlon + TT’s: Running test on the downtown path starting at Riverside Park. Meet at 9am for warm up and running the course. The test is scheduled for 9:45am. Bring all necessary gear.

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